Our History

In 2012, entrepreneur Paul Dvorak embarked on a venture that aimed to simplify the process of sharing and saving contact information into mobile devices. The startup, named Onyx Connect, invested heavily in the development of an application that was expected to gain traction through organic propagation. Despite the significant resources poured into the project, the application failed to achieve the desired level of popularity.


Disheartened by the underwhelming performance of his brainchild, Paul secured a job as an auto parts sales representative at H and H Auto Parts. He devoted his free time to conducting research on what caused the downfall of Onyx Connect. After thorough analysis, he concluded that the lack of an online presence had played a crucial role in the application’s lackluster reception. Consequently, Paul taught himself various digital marketing skills such as search engine optimization, web design, and pay-per-click advertising. He applied his newfound knowledge to his current occupation, using the auto parts business as a test company.

Paul witnessed firsthand the deceptive practices employed by the previous marketing company that had contracted H and H Auto. Outraged by the lack of ethics displayed, he arranged a meeting with one of the owners of H and H Auto and the Agency Representative. During the meeting, he interrogated the Agency Representative about the processes employed, leading to her admission of fraudulent practices. The contract was subsequently canceled, and H and H Auto received a refund of their money. Using the skills he had acquired through his research and experience, he was able to optimize the company’s online visibility and increase traffic to its website. By providing valuable insights and delivering measurable results, Paul was able to demonstrate the potential of digital marketing to the management team at H and H Auto Parts. This successful project laid the groundwork for Paul’s subsequent endeavors in the digital marketing industry. Simultaneously, word of his work and expertise began to spread, resulting in him gaining his second client.


2020, drawing on his experience and dedication to transparency, Paul established MKE Digital with the goal of offering honest and cost-effective digital consulting and services. The company’s creation was a culmination of Paul’s drive to provide value to his clients. To ensure that the company provides consistent work of the highest standard, Paul developed checklists and guidelines to govern the delivery of services. These measures were implemented to ensure that clients receive quality work that meets their expectations.

Today, Paul’s vision and commitment to excellence have come to fruition, as he runs a thriving digital agency that has assisted multiple clients and is poised for growth. The company’s success can be attributed to Paul’s unwavering focus on transparency and the provision of high-quality services. With a track record of satisfied clients and an eagerness to take on new challenges, MKE Digital is well-positioned to expand its reach and continue to make a positive impact in the digital marketing industry.

Meet the Founder

Meet the founder, Paul Dvorak. Paul's interest in digital design and coding started at a young age when he built his first computer (NZXT Guardian) at 12 years old. He honed his skills by creating profiles on MySpace and editing anime music videos while playing RuneScape and World of Warcraft. At the age of 15, Paul managed to get two of his videos to go viral, each accumulating over 50,000 views. A few years later, he started another channel that earned him $300 a month by uploading over 800 videos on YouTube. However, the channel was eventually removed due to YouTube's stricter copyright rules, as some of the nature pictures used were not cleared for use. Despite facing some initial skepticism from his peers and family members, Paul's dedication and commitment to his craft helped him to build a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that he would later leverage in his professional life.